Take a seat and enjoy the most authentic flavors Reserve your table to experience a typical Apulian Masseria


The culinary experience at Masseria Corsano offers wide choice with a traditional imprint. Our MC Restaurant and 32 Lounge Bar follow philosopher Feuerbach’s well-known principle “We are what we eat.”

The intent is to amaze without sacrificing tradition and sophistication. Our Executive Chef will tell you about Puglia through the colors and flavors of our dishes, created from expertly balanced ingredients and prepared with raw materials from our garden, following seasonality and guarding the Salento veracity that distinguishes Masseria Corsano.

MC Restaurant

Who better to enhance the qualities of their raw material than a local producer? Around this question our Executive Chef built much of the recipes offered to our guests.

Each dish takes shape with a few skillfully balanced ingredients, following seasonality and taking advantage of the presence of the garden. From the land to the plate, with processing reduced to a minimum, precisely to maintain that refined rural veracity that distinguishes Masseria Corsano’s cuisine.

Thus was born a menu that ranges between land and sea, with fragrant bread, fresh pasta, freshly baked focaccia and desserts always prepared in house according to tradition. Take a seat. Discover how behind every taste is a land that speaks, indeed, that sings.

32 Lounge Bar

Masseria Corsano’s bartenders, after traveling the world, have chosen to stop here. It may be because the Salento sun, sea, wind and earth have inspired them toward new recipes.

Novel ideas were born, all made with homemade ingredients, sometimes enriched with 100% natural Mediterranean essences. They are an exquisite way to put Salento inside a glass.

And for guests who want something unique instead, we rely on the art of interpreting each person’s tastes and preparing something special, tailor-made. Et voila, here is a “tailored drink” ready, but call it by your name if you prefer.