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WeAreInSalento 6

Marina di Nardò

A sunset walk on the most beautiful cliff of the Ionian Sea. The two villages in the Marina of Nardò are characterized by the cobalt blue of the sea and have always been summer residences of the local nobility.

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WeAreInSalento 7

Porto Selvaggio

Porto Selvaggio and Palude del Capitano natural park: the uncontaminated inlet only for a few! A pine forest, mainly formed by Aleppo pines, which offers moments of respite from the Salento heat.

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WeAreInSalento 8


Gallipoli with its historic centre full of history and a welcoming tourist port, deserves a visit to enjoy the good typical cuisine famous for the red shrimp and its award-winning blue beaches.

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WeAreInSalento 9

Santa Caterina’s Church

Have fun looking for the hidden jewel in the wonderful historic center of Galatina. The church of Santa Caterina will leave you breathless.

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WeAreInSalento 10

Punta Prosciutto

The turquoise waters of Punta Prosciutto seem to be in the Caribbean, instead we are in the northern part of the Ionian coast of a country that offers a variety of seascapes.

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WeAreInSalento 11

Corigliano d'Otranto

The castle and typical restaurants in Corigliano D'otranto, the town in the heart of Grecia Salentina. In this area of Puglia, you can be greeted in Griko, the language mainly spoken by the elderly, a historical legacy of ancient dominions.

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WeAreInSalento 12

Salento Wineries

Around the wineries of Salento tasting of the best local wines (ex.: Cantele or Schola Sarmenti). Salento is a land of vines that have now become famous all over the world.

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WeAreInSalento 13

Porto Cesareo

A small coastal town with fishmongers on every corner and traditional fish cuisine is Porto Cesareo!

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WeAreInSalento 14


For those who decide to spend a few days in Salento, the obligatory and unmissable stop is certainly the wonderful city of Lecce! Which in recent years has become a popular tourist destination linked to cities of art.

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WeAreInSalento 15

The Maldives of Salento

Immerse yourself in the thousand shades of blue of the shallows of the Ugento marina!

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WeAreInSalento 16

Punta Palascìa Lighthouse

A special aperitif at the Punta Palascìa lighthouse in Otranto. After visiting the lighthouse, you can boast that you have been to the most easterly point of Italy!

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WeAreInSalento 17

Faraglioni di Torre S. Andrea

Equip yourself with a mask and immerse yourself in this corner of paradise where nature has created a real work of art!

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WeAreInSalento 18


A visit to the city of Otranto is a must: a classic fishing village with an important history, the splendid cathedral that tells of courageous deeds and the perfectly preserved castle.

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WeAreInSalento 19

Porto Badisco

Obligatory stop for lovers of seafood typical of our coasts; here after a swim in one of the most beautiful coves on the Adriatic coast, you can move on to the gastronomic experience of tasting this delicacy!

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WeAreInSalento 20


Lose yourself in the narrow streets of this ancient village in the Salento hinterland, designated by the most beautiful villages in Italy!

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WeAreInSalento 21

From Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca

If you are traveling on the road, you will necessarily have to travel the most evocative and panoramic 50 km of all of Salento and perhaps of all of Puglia: from Otranto to Leuca along the winding coastal road.

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WeAreInSalento 22

Tricase Harbour

If your idea of vacation is associated with relaxation, tranquility and candlelight dinners, the small port of Tricase will delight you!

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WeAreInSalento 23

The Ciolo bridge

The Ciolo Bridge and Finis Terrae in Santa Maria di Leuca. Whether you are a believer or not, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Leuca deserves a visit, if only to enjoy one of the most beautiful views!

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WeAreInSalento 24


A sunny day by boat from Castro to visit the most beautiful caves of Salento: Zinzulusa Cave, Palombara Cave, Romanelli Cave; The beauty of a boat trip from beautiful Castro will amaze you.

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